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Most Common Questions

How do I earn Power Points™?

You can earn Power Points by doing any of the following:

  1. Shop Online – take advantage of the deals that we have and shop at your favorite brands. A percentage of your spend is rewarded back to you in Power Points.
  2. Coupons – we have hundreds of dollars in savings on everyday grocery items. Every day you come in a print at least one coupon, we will give you Power Points.
  3. Surveys – give us your opinion and we will give you Power Points as a thank you. Check back often as our surveys are updated regularly.

How do I convert my Power Points™ into free Gulf gas?

You can convert your Power Points into a $25 or $50 Gulf gift card. Once you reach one of those thresholds, click the ‘Redeem’ tab to finishing completing your request to receive your Gift Card. You will then receive an email confirming that your request is being processed and will receive your Gulf gift card in about 2 weeks.

To pay a bill, click on the 'Redeem' tab, then click on 'Make a Payment'. Then associate your account with your Gulf Card account number by clicking on 'Add Account'. Your information will be saved for future payments. To make the payment, click the ‘Pay’ button next your Gulf Account. Then enter the invoice number if you have one and the amount you wish to pay the company. You will see a summary of the total amount along with any cash you have earned. Confirm the information and click ‘Pay’.

Is there a convenience fee for paying my bill or converting my points?

When you pay your bill online, there is no fee to transfer and convert your credits. There is a $5 convenience fee to convert your credits to a $25 gift card. And if you save your credits, there is only a $5 fee to convert your credits to a $50 gift card.

How do I earn Power Points™ by referring friends and family?

Go to: Share and Earn. Enter email addresses for your friends, co-workers, family, or any acquaintance and an email will be sent to invite them to join. You will receive a reward equal to 10% of their total Power Points earned. So if your friend earns $50 in Power Points, you will receive $5 in your Power Points account.

Do I receive Power Points™ when I purchase Gulf gas or other items at Gulf stations?

No. Gulf Power Points was created to offer Gulf’s loyal customers an additional way to earn cash from everyday spending outside of making purchases at their brick and mortar stations. The program, therefore, does not aggregate purchases made directly at Gulf. Once you accrue Power Points™ they may be redeemed for a free Gulf Gas Gift card or transferred to pay your Gulf Visa or Orange card. Gulf does have a Visa and an Orange card that you may apply for separately if you wish to get discounts and credit for fill ups and other purchases made directly at Gulf Gas Stations.

How do I report missing credits?

Please contact us at

Does Power Points™ require a membership card?

Once you sign into your account click the 'Share and Earn' tab. Then invite friends by uploading your contacts list, or enter their name and e-mail address below. As you invite friends, their names will appear in the referred friends list. You can also copy and paste your referral code (which is shown on your 'Share and Earn' page) into an e-mail and send it to your friends that way. Or paste it on to your blog or other social media outlets to get your friends to join and earn you extra Power Points™.

Can I earn Power Points™ in any store?

There are thousands of online stores and physical store locations throughout the country where you can earn Power Points™. For physical stores, you can redeem the coupons that you print, anywhere manufacturer coupons are accepted. And for online purchases, you must access the stores through this site.

Why do I have to be logged-in to this website to earn Power Points™ when shopping online?

When you log in, you are telling us that you are a member. We have agreements with our online retailers that when you, our member, make a purchase, they will give a percentage of that purchase back to you as Power Points™ or cash back. This is their way of thanking you for shopping with them and supporting your effort to help you earn cash back.

Who is Billaway and how are they connected to this site?

Billaway is the company that we have partnered with to help manage the reward program you are using. Billaway is one of the largest providers of loyalty programs throughout the United States. They use the latest security to protect all information on this system.

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